Online exams have become the talk of the town ever since the pandemic. Academicians from top institutions including IITs have started to opt for virtual exams as the preferred mode of assessment due to the following highlights.

Exams – At comfort zones:

The candidates appearing for the test no longer need to visit the colleges or examination centers as virtual exams enable them to attend the same even in a remote location.

Human Invigilators – No longer required!

Yeah, you read that right. The online exams can be hosted without the help of any examination faculties as AI invigilator replaces them. This AI invigilator contains versatile security features that create a legitimate test environment.

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Economical Solution

As online exam eliminates the need for pen and paper to a greater extent, it is also considered to be a cost-effective solution. Not only the material cost is getting reduced but also other costs including the logistics cost, faculty wages are getting eliminated out of accounts.

Saviour of Time

Online exams indeed save a lot of time. The time involved in question creation, the printing of question paper, question paper distribution can be saved during virtual exams as the online test software does that in a matter of seconds.

Instant Result Generation

Unlike traditional exams, the virtual exam concept allows the candidates to view their results right after the completion of the exam.

We Examly have hosted 2,00,000+ virtual exams in reputed educational institutions across the nation via our best practices.

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