Question Bank

Begin as you intend to go on. To grow continually one must ensure to have a solidified base to depend on. Question banks aim at serving this very purpose.

Endless Possibilities

Manage boundless archive of questions with coding, listening & speaking, multiple choice, slider type, Sudoku questions and much more.

Do more with each question

Set partially correct answers, difficulty levels, answer hints, linked concepts and also provide images, complex mathematical equations and more.

All questions at your fingertips

Mark questions with automated or customizable tags and use creation dates to get smooth search results. Easily filter questions defined under a unique tag or a specific  sub topic.

Reduce and Reuse

Reduce your work by adding a question once. You can reuse any question in multiple quizzes and even reuse any quiz in multiple courses. It also facilitates the feature of bulk uploading.

One question many forms

Create a pre-defined template for any question. The tool will automatically generate multiple versions of the same question. This will help aspirants ace in selective concepts.

Difficulty Level Calculator

In view of previous performances, the questions can be easily segregated on the basis of difficulty automatically. The Analysis Engine works to determine it.

Content Bank

Content will serve as the fuel to carry you forward. Maintain a large and easily accessible content bank to allow candidates to learn and develop.

Your very own personalized drive

Provide your students with an exclusive backup of all your resources. Stay on par with the advancements in technology, using Examly’s content bank repository.

Read It, Hear It and Watch It

Examly can be used to store any form of resources, from ordinary long paged PDFs to simplified hands-on content videos, that can be made available to students.

Learn. Not study

Engage students with progressive quizzes to upgrade their skills. With Examly, you can advocate understanding of concepts rather than conventional memorization.

Wiki your way through concepts

Achieve the most by learning and applying, alongside. Take quizzes and check through related content available in your personalized content bank simultaneously.

Courses & Scheduling

Course creation and scheduling serve as the inception of the forthcoming procedures, hence, they work to provide the spark to light the fuel.

Manage Efficiently

Comfortably engage and segregate any number of candidates and courses. Easily provide the right course content, linking it from your content archive.

Plan Ahead

Schedule different courses for students based on their needs. Create yearly, monthly, weekly and daily plans to meet with the overall course plan.

Automation for facilitation

You won't have to spend hours creating courses. Automatically create a course by selecting a topic or group of topics, then sit back and relax.

Course specific quizzes

Create groups of candidates preparing for the same course, and assign the created quizzes to these groups to enable them to take it up.


Among the other definitive steps, quizzes play a major role in the learning cycle. Hence, they constitute the fire.

Various modes of quiz

With the multiple options for questions, set benchmarks, excel in specific topics and assess aspirants on various parameters.

Remote Proctoring

Gain access to live feed of the undergoing tests from anywhere in the world. Rest assured that you wont be leaving any loopholes.

Quick Creation

It only takes a few minutes to completely create a quiz. Manually add questions  or let our intellectual tool automatically fill questions from the question banks of your choice.

Adaptive & Linear

Easily switch between Linear and Adaptive. The former, a traditional way of quizzing and the latter, increasing in difficulty with successive questions to test the expertise of the candidate.

Test Templates

Utilize user-defined templates to quicken the process of test creation. They are personalized tests created previously by the user, useful for future needs.

Unlimited Quizzes

Learning is limitless, so why limit the number of quizzes. Create unlimited quizzes, covering different topics and sub-topics and link them to your courses.

Reports and Analytics

Every destination of any initiative must provide some wisdom. This wisdom acts as the light of revelation to guide future efforts. Act well informed with the thorough insight gained from the reports and analytics.

Individual Skill Report

Observe every individual with relative ease, with individual skill scores. Suggest matching quizzes and content to work on with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Question Analysis

Figure out the difficulty of each question with how well each individual fares with them. Assign them based on these parameters automatically to better suit the needs.

Quiz Analysis

Achieve a better understanding of the potential of each person with respect to each distinct quiz. Know better about where they stand to help interpret where to focus.

Course Analysis

Deal with any number of people at the same time. Work on the issues that require action on entire batches in response to the course performance analysis.


Just like the hearth with all its constituents, you can sell and share resources, to spread the flames of knowledge in its zenith.

Automated Marketing

Popularize your resources with the aid of automation. Promote your resources in various types of media to accomplish speedy fame for your works.

Behavioral Marketing

Marketize your resources knowing your customers. Sell them your assets based on their activities within your market-place, which is completely automated.

Notify your customers

Provide notifications to your customers. Automatically intimate them of their pending activities or of information about your resources that would benefit them.

Multiple Payment Methods

Trade your resources with interested parties through multiple payment methods. Sell it to them safely and also with relative ease.

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