Artificial Intelligence has opened up the way for great solutions to make things easier. One such solution in the area of assessment is AI-powered Invigilator.

Let’s get to know how it replaces human invigilators!

What is an AI-powered Invigilator?

AI-powered Invigilator is a technological solution to host the examination without the need for a human invigilator. Artificial Intelligence is employed to carry out the invigilation activity without compromising the integrity of the exam.

How does AI-Powered Invigilator replace humans?

AI-powered invigilators have real-time alert features that ensure zero percentage of malpractice in the examinations. Some of the primary features are:

Face Recognition – This feature eliminates the chance of impersonation as the AI-powered invigilator recognizes the face identity of the candidate.

Object Detection – If an unwanted thing or a person interrupts the examination zone, the AI-powered invigilator notifies the candidate with a message.

Eyeball/ Head Tracking – If the candidate gets distracted and turns his vision from the test-taking spot, a warning message pops up at the very next second.

Voice Detection – This feature detects the interruption of unusual sound in the examination area.

To watch our explainer video on how the AI-powered Invigilator works:

How does AI-Powered Invigilator help Universities?

In the prevailing pandemic situation, a significant number of universities and colleges are struggling to conduct the examinations due to the invigilation difficulties.

In such cases, this AI Invigilator could be brought into action to host 100% secured online semester examinations legitimately without the need for a human presence.

Universities can also conduct entrance exams, certification exams and internal assessments in a sheer-class environment guarded by AI-powered invigilators.

How does AI-Powered Invigilator aid Corporates?

This AI-powered Invigilator is not only meant for universities but also lends its hand to the corporates as well. Most of the tech organizations have decided to host virtual hiring for the upcoming calendar year. This is because the virtual hiring process reduces the cost involved with face to face recruitment and doesn’t risk human lives amidst pandemic.

The initial test rounds could be conducted with the help of an AI invigilator in a 100% secured environment without the need for an HR.

Post hiring, this AI-powered invigilator could be used to conduct internal employee tests and other assessments that come under the learning and development initiative of the organization.

Examly’s AI-Powered Invigilator:

Examly’s AI-powered invigilator has got the above mentioned versatile invigilation features. Our AI-powered engine has been used by several reputed corporates and universities nationwide to conduct 100% secured online examinations

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